WhatsApp: 5 features you may have missed

The Facebook-owned company continuously expanding its (WhatsApp)platform and it is now one top messaging apps in the world. It keeps adding multiple features for its Android and iOS users.  In the last few months, WhatsApp has launched some important features for its Android users (also did it for iOS users) and there are chances that you might have missed some of them. Here are five of them you may have missed.


WhatsApp has removed this feature due to which users unable to copying, saving and exporting the profile picture of other users. WhatsApp has removed this feature in the latest update. Earlier, it allowed users to share the profile pictures of users. WhatsApp has been trying to make the platform more secure than ever and more user-friendly.


This feature helps to curb fake news on the app. Through this feature, you are able to see how many times your message has been forwarded by tapping on the ‘info’ icon. You can only see this detail if your message has been forwarded.


This privacy feature has come as a big relief, especially for those users who were irritated by getting randomly added to the WhatsApp groups. This new feature lets the users choose as to who can add them to the group chats. Under the privacy menu of WhatsApp, one can select between three options: Nobody, Everyone, My Contacts.

Nobody – will prevent anyone from adding you to a group

Everybody – is a setting that allows anybody from adding you to a Whatsapp group,

My Contact –  limits this power to only people saved on your phone contact number.


With this feature, users can listen to voice messages one after the other automatically.  Until now, this feature was only on the iOS version (of Whatsapp). Now users need not tap play on one voice message after another. WhatsApp will automatically play the voice messages which are lined up.


With this feature status updates of users on WhatsApp will show updates according to the importance rather than chronological order. It means is that users will now be able to see the of their frequently contacted people first.

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